Volcon Runt LT | Media Kit

Introducing the Volcon Runt LT

The Runt LT is the smaller version of its beefier brother, the Grunt. It’s ideal for small statured riders, compact properties and trails, or as a pit bike.


Experience the high torque and maintenance-free benefits of a hub motor, allowing you to witness those fat tires float over deep sand, mud, and terrain


Inverted forks, pivotless adjustable rear shock, and hydraulic brakes give the Runt LT one of the smoothest rides of any off-road motorcycle. Luminous LED headlights keep your path safely lit while cruising along or moving in reverse.


The Runt's low center of gravity and lighter weight makes for easier maneuvering and management. A lower seat height and narrower frame makes the Runt LT a perfect option for people with smaller frames, or those new to off-road motorcycles.


The Runt LT is outfitted with a large LCD display screen that displays Ride Mode selections of 1 (15 mph), 2 (25 mph) and 3 (35 mph.)


The Runt uses an innovative hub motor that is quiet, smooth, and efficient. No need to worry about dirty sprockets or chains, as the motor is safe and effortless to maintain. It is powered by a removable battery that is reliable and easy to charge.

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